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January, 2013:

The Seine, the Rhône and the Saône:
Cruising the Rivers of France

Eric Schuman

Join Eric Schuman on the Seine, the Rhône and the Saône. Visit Monet's gardens at Giverny, the Pope's palace at Avignon and the Roman coliseum in Provence.  We'll leave France at Arles amidst an eye-popping Roma wedding festival.

Febuary, 2013:

Combined Travel Destination and Travel Skills Presentation

"Varieties of Travel"
John Francis and Caye Poe

John Francis and Caye Poe of Dayton recently spent several months in rural Madagascar as volunteer teachers. They will share their experience in this African island, but will also broaden their talk to discuss volunteering as an intriguing means of travel. They have utilized other modes of travel as well, and will briefly show examples of other places and the wide variety of travel methods they have experienced. They will include a discussion of several travel exchange clubs.

March, 2013:

Calypso, Colonial Cobblestones, possible 51st State.
What is Puerto Rico?
Ed & Sue Hallett

Ed and Sue Hallett have visited Puerto Rico several times for business. They discovered a great market and a great place to explore - green-water beaches, tropical rain forest, narrow cobblestone streets in old town that, with a little imagination, can take you back in time with the music and people of the Caribbean. They will take us on a circle trip around the island of Puerto Rico.

April, 2013:

Combined Travel Destination and Travel Skills Presentation

The Berner Oberland For Hikers and Non-Hikers
Gayle Atteberry

If you hear cowbells and alpenhorns, and see paragliders flying under snow-covered mountain peaks, you must be in the Swiss Alps. There is stunning beauty to see and amazing adventures to be had in the Berner Oberland region of Switzerland. Whether you like to hike or would rather see the sites by gondola, bus and train, this area can be explored by anyone. Gayle will take you through the amazing beauty of the Berner Oberland Swiss Alps. She will also discuss the travel passes available for trvel in Switzerland.

May, 2013:

The Flavors of Marrakech
Virginia Vanderbilt

Have you ever had a hankering to bake sardines in a communal oven in Marrakech? Have you ever wanted to prepare a lamb tagine in a mud-floored kitchen in the Atlas Mountains? Have you ever wanted to go straight to the source in the souks to purchase ingredients for a multi-course Moroccan feast? If so, this presentation is especially for you. Virginia will share her experiences as she and her family purchased, cooked and ate their way through one week in Marrakech and its environs. With any luck, by the end of the evening, the smell of cumin and coriander will transport you across the world to northern Africa.

June, 2013:

Around the World with the Family
Toby Abraham-Rhine & Steve Rhine

Travel with a twist. Journey with a family that dares to “unplug” from the workaday world, of schedules, homework, soccer, and mowing the lawn. Three children, two parents and twenty-nine countries later…find out what happens to a family that travels the world on a “shoestring” budget in just under a year. From cruising the breathtaking fjords in Norway to working amidst the poor in Peru. Engaging, humorous, and moving, this all-encompassing expedition will leave you cherishing the beauty of people and places throughout the world and seeing your home and family in a new light.

September, 2013:

Vietnam from Bottom to Top
Tom Kruse

Learn to travel independently in Vietnam. We'll start on the rapidly changing tropical island of Phu Quoc. Then we'll bike and boat along the Mekong River. Next visit chaotic Saigon and later stop for some beach time in Nha Trang. We'll sail the Perfume River and visit the imperial tombs of Hue. Our trip will finish in the capital, Hanoi, and at Halong Bay, a World Heritage Site.

October, 2013:

Somerset, Bristol and Bath
Cherie and Chuck Bennett

The Bennetts have been to Somerset a number of times, initially for family history in 1993 and most recently in 2010. Somerset is a rural county in the West Country of England and has varied landscape – the openness of Exmoor, the many hills and deep combes of Lorna Doone country and the central Levels. Bristol and Bath are the two urban areas of the shire. Somerset has early Christian and Arthurian connections as well as important events involving Alfred the Great, and a wealth of National Trust sites..



November, 2013:

Myanmar: Discover the Soul of Old Burma,
the "Golden Land"
Claire Reed

A journey back in time to experience the revival of an ancient culture -  beautiful temples, Buddhist monks, floating villages and farms, exquisite handicrafts.

December, 2013:

Russia with Love
Sally Schriver

Sally gives us a presentation that delves into some traditions and features of Russia, followed by a musical video/slideshow illustrating her river boat trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg.  Experience the highlights of these two cities as well as some interesting hidden gems between them.

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