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The Mid-Valley Travel Club is now in its 25th season.

January, 2019:

Take a Scotland Road Trip
Ron & Kathy Kelemen

What's it like driving through Scotland? Join Ron & Kathy Kelemen as they share their 10-day adventure in Scotland last July. They never saw a golf course, but they delighted in Glasgow, Loch Lomond, the Highlands, the Isle of Skye, Inverness and Edinburgh.What would they do differently next time? If you've never been there before, this will whet your appetitie. If you have, you'll want to return soon.

February, 2019:

Swaziland and South Africa
Eric Schuman

Nothing could be more spectacular for nature lovers than seeing African wildlife closeup. Join Eric as he visits 3 South African national parks, is challenged in Soweto, delights in Capetown and explores the mysterious last African kingdom of Swaziland (now "eSwatini").

March, 2019:

Sweden by Backpack with No Itinerary
Scott English

One reservation for the day we arrived. The remainder of the trip was following the direction of the wind with a few odd adventures along the way.

April, 2019:

From Frogfish to Tarsiers:
Indonesia Above and Below

Laura Tesler

On my 50th trip around the sun I promised myself a nice birthday present...and this trip to Indonesia is the gift. Although a majority of this trip will be underwater, I am planning on 2 side trips, one to the Minahsa highlands and to see tarsiers (very small, big eyed primitive monkeys) at a wildlife refuge. I will also have two layovers in Singapore, so am excited to see solar trees, orchids, and hopefully have a fabulous street shoot. Underwater I look forward to seeing many species of frogfish, wonderpus, nudibranchs, coconut octopus, whale sharks (maybe!), night shoots, and mating mandarin fish. Lembeh Strait off the island of Sulawesi is one of the most diverse places in the world for underwater life, and I look forward to immersing myself in it. Hopefully you will enjoy my pictures too.

May, 2019:

Camino de Santiago, Two Ways
Lori Buchanan, Linda Norris and Vicki Hardin Woods

The Camino de Santiago (“Way of Saint James”) from two perspectives, both ultimately arriving at The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Lori Buchanan completed the Northern Route (“Camino del Norte”) pilgrimage along the scenic northern coastline of Spain traveling alone. Linda Norris and Vicki Hardin Woods, traveling together, completed the French Route (Camino Francés) which is the more traditional pilgrimage.

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