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Updated Guidelines for Presenters


The Mid-Valley Travel Club solicits proposals, particularly from new speakers, for its three presentation formats. Both independent travelers and participants in escorted tours are equally welcome. Travel professionals may contribute by arrangement with the Program Chairman.

A. Illustrated Talks on Specific Destinations


o Any destination, familiar or exotic, including the USA, is welcome.
o The ideal length of a talk is 55 minutes with a range of 50-60 minutes.
o The library provides a digital projector and Windows laptop, so all you need to bring is your presentation on a thumb drive, provided it is in a format that the Library's Windows computer can read.
o PowerPoint (part of Microsoft Office) is a versatile presentation program, and is cross-platform, meaning that PowerPoint files generated on a Mac using the Mac version of PowerPoint can be run on a Windows computer. The library's Windows laptop should therefore have no problem reading your PowerPoint files, whether they were generated on a Windows machine or a Mac. Check with the library if you have a slideshow in a different format.
o If your slideshow is in a format that the library's laptop cannot read, it would be necessary to bring your own laptop loaded with the slideshow app you used.
o If your laptop is a Windows PC, it can have either a VGA or HDMI interface, as the Library has sockets for both. If your laptop is a Mac, see below.
o Another option is to upload your photos to Picasa or similar web site, log on to the site using the Library's Wi-Fi network, and run your slide show directly from the remote server.
o We are not a photography club, so feel free to supplement with images from the Internet (e.g., Google Images), especially for locations where photography is not allowed or difficult.
o Please include maps; use digital images from Google Maps, rather than photograph large maps yourself.
o If you don't have digital images, you can use 35 mm. slides (bring a 35mm. slide projector) or convert prints into digital images; see the Travel Skills archive, "Preparing & Scanning....." by Tom Cattrall in 2009 under the "Converting Slides, Prints to Digital" in the "Travel Photography" drop-down menu at the bottom of the Home page.
o PLEASE rehearse your talk with a trusted observer.



o Apart from PowerPoint, Mac users have the option of compiling their slide show in "Keynote," a PowerPoint-like program which can be saved in either Keynote or PowerPoint format. Keynote has some advantages over PowerPoint, but the Library's PC laptop cannot run Keynote files. Keynote users therefore have two options:

1) save your Keynote presentation in PowerPoint format and bring your presentation on a flash drive to plug into the Library's PC laptop, or
2) run your slide show from your Mac. If you elect to run your slide show from a Mac, it is critical that you bring the correct VGA adapter cable for your Mac laptop; see the illustrations.

Mini-Display Port to VGA Adapter Cable

o Older Mac laptops have a different video out port:

so make sure the Mac end of the cable fits the video out port of your Mac. The projector end of the cable has the same 15-hole plug as the Mini-Display Port to VGA Adapter Cable.
o Recent Macs also have an HDMI out port, which is compatible with the Library HDMI cable.
o iPhoto, part of iLife, (free with most Macs) is easy to use for straight-forward presentations that do not involve text-annotated images. Copy selected images to a new folder and assign titles for each photo that start with a number (1 through however many slides you have), otherwise the order may be scrambled. Text documents, such as the vital statistics on your destination, cannot be imported directly into iPhoto; first print, then photograph them with a digital camera, then import as a JPG image from the digital camera into iPhoto.
o For presentations involving images with annotations, PowerPoint and Keynote are excellent applications if titles, labels, arrows, circles and other annotations are needed. Using those apps is much less cumbersome than the iPhoto procedure listed immediately above.
o Uploading your photos to Picasa or similar web site, logging on to the site using the Library's Wi-Fi network, and running your slide show directly from the remote server is an option for Mac users as well as PC users.



Please e-mail the Program Chairman a summary of 6-7 lines or longer, no later than six weeks prior to your presentation. We use this for posting on our website, e-mail notifications, and the Library's newsletter.

B. Introduction of a "Travel Skills" Topic

o These informal presentations consist of a 10-15 minute introduction of a travel skill to open a 10-15 minute discussion by the audience (total time limited to 25-30 minutes.) You do not have to be a world expert, just be willing to share your experiences. The 50+ previous "Travel Skills" topics are archived on our website; samples include discount airfares, car rentals, alternative accommodations etc.
o It is not essential, but is helpful to the audience, if you list your main points on 5-10 text slides. Please transfer these to a flash-drive, for speedy connection to the Library's laptop (or the main speaker's laptop if that is what will be used for the main Destination presentation), which will be synchronized already to the digital projector. Please advise the Program Chairman which format you will use (e.g., Microsoft Word) for your text slides, so that we can ensure that program is available on the Library's or other speaker's laptop. Note that the freeware program OpenOffice.org is NOT compatible with Microsoft Office.
o However, bringing your own laptop is always advisable in case of failure of the Library's laptop.
o Please email your text slides or other brief summary to the Program Chairman after the meeting, for posting on the Club's website, along with any significant contributions from audience members. We believe that these summaries are a useful reference for future travel planning.

C. Tour Operator/Travel Agent Presentations

Please contact the Program Chairman.
(Contact Form at http://www.midvalleytravelclub.org/)


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