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Duties of Meeting Moderator

A. Before the Meeting Starts

1) If possible, arrange for an assistant to help with the lights, the pass-around microphone, and the head count.
2) Bring a yellow pad, clipboard, pen &, if possible, laser pointer.
3) Arrive by 6:30 pm; ask Reference Librarian to unlock Room and ask for the loan of the Library’s laptop computer and laser pointer (unless the speaker is bringing his/her own laptop and laser pointer).
4) Adjust the volume of the 2 microphones, with the help of the Reference Librarian, and ask for a demonstration of the lights.
5) Connect the Library's or speaker’s laptop to digital projector
using the VGA or HDMI sockets at the front of the stage.
6) If you will be using a 35 mm slide projector, you should bring your own.
7) Adjust the [digital or 35 mm] projector’s image to fill the screen.
8) Remind the speaker(s) to observe the 60 minute rule.

B. Conduct of the Meeting

1) Welcome. Emphasize website address to new attendees.
2) Circulate the yellow pad with clipboard and pen; request only new or changed email addresses (together with printed names). Stress our Privacy Policy. No new postal addresses accepted.
3) If no special announcements, introduce speaker(s). Turn down lights, or have an assistant do so.
4) Turn up lights at end of presentation, invite questions, deliver pass-around microphone to assistant, and ask speaker to use the podium microphone.
5) If there are few questions, solicit comments from audience members who have visited the destination. Encourage dissent!
6) Perform a head count during question time, or have an assistant do so.
7) Cut off questions by 8:20–8:25 pm, thank speaker, then introduce the Travel Skills Discussion Topic presenter.
8) Again, if questions are few, solicit alternative views from audience members with experience of the Discussion Topic.
9) Cut off discussion by 8:45–8:50 pm and thank presenter.
10) Solicit proposals for future presentations, to be sent to the Program Chairman via the website. If time permits, ask if anyone planning an independent trip needs any advice, which audience members might be able to provide later.
11) Encourage the audience to leave at 8:55 pm, as the Library closes at 9:00 pm. The Custodian will switch off the lights.
12) Don’t forget to collect the yellow pad, Library's laptop and laser pointer! Return the Library's laptop and laser pointer to the Reference Librarian, if appropriate.

C. After the Meeting

1) Within a week, send the head count to the Club's liaison at the Library, Ann Scheppke at (AScheppkeATcityofsalemDOTnet)***. Please also send a copy to the Club President (if the Meeting Moderator was other than the Club President), using the email form on the Home page (see Home page link below).

***The email address is written in this form to avoid detection by "spam 'bots."

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