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All information you provide to the Mid-Valley Travel Club is for internal communication within the Club only, and will not be sold or given to any commercial, non-commercial, or governmental organizations.

While the Club's Web site has been published on the World Wide Web, and is theoretically available to anyone with Web access, I have NOT listed the site with any search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Alta Vista, Excite, etc.). However, because announcements about the Travel Club are carried in the "Friends of the Library" newsletter, occasionally in the Oregonian, and frequently in the Salem Statesman Journal, all of which are listed with the search engines, a Web search using Google, or other search engine, will find our Web site. Accordingly, I have removed all email addresses of Club members from the Web site to protect Club members from spam. Please be reassured that our membership list is not accessible via the Web, nor by any person or entity other than the Club's President and Program Chairman. We will provide contact information to Club members only, who wish to get in touch with a specific Club member, unless you request us not to (by contacting the Club President using the contact form on the Home page).

Peter Ronai

Please send all correspondence relating to privacy issues to the Club President using the contact form on the Home page.


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