We are a very informal group of people living in the Willamette Valley who love to travel, love to hear about travel.  Whether you are a road warrior or an armchair traveller, whether you enjoy travelling by backpack or packaged tours, we want to hear about your experiences.  

Mission Statement

There's no membership form, no dues, and no requirements- so basically, if you ever show up to listen to a presentation that makes you a "member".  We do ask for a contribution at one meeting or more each year to cover the costs of this website.  


If you would like to be on our email list, please send your name and email address to Kathy Ellis-Kelemen at webmaster@midvalleytravelclub.org.  
We never share any contact information.  We do send out a reminder before each program.



Membership Information

If You'd Like to Make a Presentation



normally we have 2 expenses- paying for our domain and our website.  This currently costs $104.40 per year.  However, with the move to virtual meetings we are paying for one Zoom license.  We have survived on small donations made at meetings in the past- we're not sure how to receive contributions (not-tax-deductible) going forward but we will come up with something!  You can view a simple spreadsheet of our expenses HERE. ( Please note that as it is tracked as an expense account, deposits are "negative" and payments are a "positive". )

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