Virginia Vanderbilt

Switzerland by Foot, Train, Bus, and Gondola

Travel tips for Switzerland:


I am the kind of traveler who doesn’t mind spending whatever is required for a wonderful trip but I also like to spread it out to reduce the sticker shock. We knew that Switzerland was going to be expensive and we were not surprised.  If you are like me, I would recommend paying for as much as you can in advance.  That means, of course, making reservations for accommodations in advance, which is probably a good idea anyway especially if you are going to be traveling during high (or even mid) season.  Some of the places we stayed were on the smaller side and appeared to be fully booked.  If you are going to be using the rail system, look into getting a travel pass. You can get it for a specific number of days, which do not have to be all in a row.  This is very convenient and can be done on line.


Our trip was a hiking/walking trip.  We booked it through Wilderness Travel, an excellent travel company, and had an exceptional time with wonderful guides, very high end accommodations, and a van to haul our belongings from one place to another.  However, this approach is not necessary.  The Swiss have been hiking for centuries and they know how to mark and maintain paths.  They know how to put together great hiking/walking maps.  A person could put together a fabulous hiking trip without the expense of professional help.  Language is not a difficulty in Switzerland.  Transportation does not pose a challenge (chocolate, on the other hand, does).


We were there for eight days and explored just one small area.  Were I to do it again, I would probably plan more time and find some other areas to visit or spend more time exploring alternative trails in the same areas.


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