Guidelines for Presentations

  • Any destination, familiar or exotic, USA or abroad, is welcome
  • Ideal length of presentation is 50-60 minutes
  • The library provides a digital projector but you will need to bring either your own computer or your presentation on a thumb drive
  • Be sure to practice your presentation  
  • We are not photography snobs!  We love pictures to accompany your talk.  More rather than less, group your pictures around a topic.
  • We will ask you for a brief description of your talk for our website, some pictures to post, and your top tips for having a great visit.

Presentations by Individuals 

Travel Skills Topics

  • An informal discussion on specific travel skills 
  • None of us are experts, we just like to share our experiences and learn from your experiences
  • Examples of topics include travel insurance, best sites to book travel, when and how to use a travel agent, cruising options, how to manage money while travelling, how to stay connected while travelling.
  • Presentations may be a panel, or a single presentation
  • Graphics and AV optional but not necessary

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