MidValley Travel Club
Meets September ~ May
2nd Thursday each month
At Salem Library Loucks Auditorium

The Camino de Santiago journey from two perspectives, following two of the many routes in Europe to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Santiago, Spain.  Lori Buchanan walked the Northern Route, Camino del Norte following Spain's scenic northern coastline.  Linda Norris and Vicki Hardin Woods travelled together, walking the Way of Saint James, Camino Frances.  


May 2019 Presentation

Loucks Auditorium
Salem Public Library

The Camino De Santiago Two Ways

We gather on the second Thursday each month from September through May and learn about our amazing world.  There are no membership fees or obligations.  We do take a a donation in December each year to help fund our website.  

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Chefchaouen, Morocco "The Blue City"

Mt Perdon, Spain

A sculpture of pilgrims travelling the Camino Frances.  

The Camino Frances near Maneru, Spain   

Chefchouen, Morocco, known as the Blue City, in the Rif Mountains

The Salem Public Library is closing from Nov 2019 through all of 2020.  We need a new venue and need your help to find one.
We have a number of criteria that any new location will have to meet:  evening time from 6:30 to 8:30 on Thursday, if possible, from September to May; fairly centrally located; hold 40-50 people; adequate parking; and, if possible, have a digital projector and a microphone system available; and lastly, free or very inexpensive.  We could use a lot of help on this problem—not only for viable sites but also a contact person who you might know at the place you suggest so we have an introduction or you could pave the way if you know this person or organization.  Think hard on this problem and send you possibilities to me (Don Jacobsen, president@midvalleytravelclub.org).

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