Independent Japan by Train, Bike and Foot

Ron & Kathy Kelemen

In May 2018 Ron and Kathy travelled independently for 10 days and then joined a Sierra Club hiking trip.  Here are their TIPS:

  • Bring a mobile hotspot.  We use a Tepi Intl hotspot.
  • Use  It works offline if you download the country maps
  • Make a folder with printouts of all your reservations.  
  • Lonely Planet- be sure to read up on customs!
  • Ask for help - you WILL get it!
  • Eat what's on your plate(s).  You'll live to tell about it and actually will enjoy it.
  • Take advantage of the Railway Travel offices in train stations.
  • 9:01 means exactly 9:01
  • Forget about tipping
  • Take walking sticks if you plan to hike
  • Use a mix of both Yen and credit cards- many places didn't take cards
  • has excellent walking trips- we used their guides on the Sierra Club Trip
  • Remember to bow


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