Royal Yacht Brittannia
Royal Yacht Brittannia Permanently moored in Edinburgh and open for extensive self-guided tours, this is a great look at how the royals did sea travel.
Inverness A quiet, lovely place. Highlights include the Culloden battlefield, Ft George, the downtown pedestrian zone, LOTS of whiskey tastings, Clava Cairns.
Fort William-Glenfinnan
Fort William-Glenfinnan Well worth a couple days to admire the almost unreal lushness. The "Harry Potter Train" travels from Glasgow to Maillag and back thru this area.
The Queen's Walk, Edinburgh
The Queen's Walk, Edinburgh Try to avoid the summer months! Edinburgh is a great city to visit, but not with this many tourists. We still had a great time.
Crofts on the Isle of Skye
Crofts on the Isle of Skye The museum of Island Life is a great way to experience what life on the island was like for 100's of years.
Old Man of Storr
Old Man of Storr Beautiful hike on the Isle of Skye
Ron and Kathy Kelemen

A Quick Roadtrip Through Scotland

Ten days of independent travel with a much too large rental car in the only place that is possibly greener than Oregon!  The itinerary included Glasgow, Loch Lohman, Glencoe, Isle of Skye, Inverness and Edinburgh.  Our Top Tips for visiting Scotland:

  • Plan on at least 2, ideally 3 weeks
  • If you go in summer book your stays WELL in advance
  • Join the Natl Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland.  You will come out ahead on admission costs
  • Unlock your phone before leaving the States.  Buy a local SIM card upon arrival.
  • Invest in your own int'l wifi hotspot.  We own a Tepi 
  • Use app.  It works without cell coverage.  Bring a real road Map (Cookes Stationery has great maps)
  • We used the Top 10 Scotland guide and it allowed us to choose our focus.  There's a lot to see!
  • Rent a small vehicle- don't let them upgrade you!  
  • Start your touring days early & avoid weekends at popular castles and trailheads


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