Michael Garrison & Virginia Vanderbilt's Travel Blog

Virginia is a regular presenter at the club, and the "GarriVan's" often do extended stays of weeks or months in locations, combined with daytrips.  Their blog includes lots of travel tips, and they are obviously enjoying themselves.   https://ginnyvan.wordpress.com/

Eric Shuman's Travel Blog

Eric is also a frequent presenter and is known for beautiful photography.  His blog is on his life experiences, many of which involve travel.   https://ericpa3.wordpress.com/

Ron and Kathy's Retirement Adventures covers local, national and international travel, by bike, by foot, by trailer, with tours, and independent travel. Just 2018 included Tanzania, Nicaragua, Japan, Scotland, and walking the Camino de Santiago.   https://www.rwk777.blogspot.com

Pritam has been everywhere.  Travels include the West Coast, India, Mexico, Russia, Finland, Iceland, SE Asia, China, Southern Europe and the Middle East.  And the list keeps growing!  Well written and many photos.  http://pritam-rohila-travels.blogspot.com

Pritam Rohila's Travel Blog

Member Travel Blogs

Ron & Kathy Kelemen's Travel Blog

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